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Cyber and Economic Crime News 2018 - 2019

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The Centre for Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime Prevention Skills

Jasper International Academy Centre for Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime Prevention Skills – our primary objective is to help build cyber resilient businesses.

We achieve this in two ways:

  • By providing elite, specialised training to businesses across the information security, cyber incident response and privacy domains. Our specialists come from Military, Law Enforcement and Security backgrounds and many are GCHQ accredited international NIS and Financial Services Security trainers and consultants.
  • By offering all businesses simple, transparent and affordable access to cyber and privacy training and consultancy services.

The risk to international business is too devastating, and the scale of the problem now so huge, that no single person or organisation can hope to solve it alone.

Our cyber security training is a suite of specifically targeted areas of competence that guide you systematically in how to safeguard and defend your systems against cyber threats, how to protect your organisation and to ensure crucial system components and data are well-protected against external cyber security criminals and players.

Courses are Provided in 3 Critical Competence Area:

  1. Cyber Security Defence (Protecting the Technology and Infrastructure)
  2. Information Security and Data Protection (Securing Critical Data and Information Protecting Intellectual Property)
  3. Cyber Crime Prevention (Dealing with Cyber Crime and Cyber Criminal Activity)

Cyber Security Leadership Training

For an organisation to effectively protect itself, its senior leadership needs to understand the threats, the legal obligations and the protection options open to it. Our portfolio of courses aimed at business leaders provides the different disciplines with both an all-around Cyber Risk and Protection appreciation, and where appropriate specialised operational knowledge. These provide practical learning and advice to allow an organisation to put Cyber Security firmly on its leadership agenda.

  1. Cyber Security Leadership (Level 4) – 3 Days

Cyber Security Defence (4 Courses)

Cyber attacks no longer just come from mischievous hackers playing games. They come from organised, smart stealthy criminal groups and nations, looking to steal intelligence and capital. It’s the new face of cyber threats. Rising threat of cyber-attacks to critical infrastructures by organised criminal groups along with technological advancement in the cyber security market remains as the key driver for the growth of cyber security solutions and Training on a global basis.

  1. Best Practice in Information Security (Level 1) – 3 Days
  2. Cyber Security Defence (Level 2) – 2 Days
  3. Ethical Hacking (Level 2) – 3 Days
  4. Advanced Cyber Defence Techniques (level 3) – 2 Days

Information Security and Data Protection (1 Course)

Information security is the art and science of protecting valuable information in all the various ways it is stored, transmitted, and used. Information security is a big field, with companies, governments, researchers, and specialists engaged in the work daily.

  1. Information Data Protection Security – (Level 2) – 3 Days

Crime Prevention

Prevention will always be your best line of defense against cyber criminals. Like any other criminal activity, those most vulnerable tend to be the first targeted. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a IT security expert to assess your specific needs and vulnerabilities, but there are certainly some universal steps you can take and learn about, that will greatly reduce your likelihood of attack from outside and from within.

Cyber Crime (3 Courses)

  1. Best Practice in Cyber Crime Prevention (Level 1) – 3 Days
  2. Advanced Cyber Crime Prevention (Level2) – 3 Days
  3. Cyber Crime Investigation (Level 3) – 3 days

Financial Forensic and Criminal Activity (4 Courses)

    1. Forensic Audit
    2. AML and Anti-Bribery
    3. Fraud Investigation
    4. Financial Institutional Fraud

Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime Prevention Skills

Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime Prevention Skills

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